Vandana V. Dodhia & Co.
Welcome to Vandana V. Dodhia & Co.

VANDANA V. DODHIA & CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS firm SINCE 1998 is a team committed to achieve professional excellence as practicing chartered accountants in the area of Auditing, Tax Matters, Law Matters and mgt. matters, to the best satisfaction of the clients by continuously improving its process, updating its knowledge and training its key human resources.
The firm aims to become a benchmark for other organizations in the Industry and ensure that its clients stay one step ahead of the competition.
Approach of the firm is to make efforts in the direction of maintaining controls over key risk areas related to different organizations of different Industries and to provide cost effective services.
The firm provides audit and assurance service, direct and indirect tax support and business consulting. The firm has also been providing client specific tailor-made specialized services in diverse fields. Across the service areas, the firm has dealt with a wide cross section of industrial and service sectors

Every client requirement is different, every requirement is special. We understand this, providing a positive contribution and value to the clients business.
VANDANA V. DODHIA & CO.  believes in generating a positive investment climate through the constructive relationships between our people and the clients we serve.
Understanding your perspective and offering full circle solutions is what drives the force at VANDANA V. DODHIA & CO.